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For whom and for which reason?


Yukido care allows both the prevention and healing of health problems. The treatment mainly concerns benign diseases, painful or not, punctual or chronic. It also accompanies serious and medicalized diseases, improving the patient's tolerance to heavy treatments..


For babies, the care is done with four hands with one of the parents thereby becoming an active caregiver. Perceiving in their hand the hot and cold, tensions and cramps, tingling and crackling etc. allows the mother or father to have an echo of what their baby is experiencing, and to learn how to meet her needs.

The Yukido care soothes the child, resolves her troubles and rebalances her terrain. Cries and tears become more readable in the needs they express and are more rare.

Aged persons

Older people are particularly in need of great attention, softness and slowness. The hand that accompanies them is neither intrusive nor authoritarian.

Physically or mentally challenged persons

Regardless of age, the person with a physical or mental disability is hypersensitive. This guides me to ease their suffering and improve their  comfort of life.

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