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Yukido workshop | June

15 to 16 June 2019

Le Thoronet (83340) - France

160 € for the week-end including tuition, food and accommodation

Andréine teaching an exercise for the preparation of regenerative movement
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Le Thoronet in Var (South of France)

Location : “Au Cœur des Pételins,” chemin D84, dit Pont de Fer,  83340 Le Thoronet

In an idyllic setting surrounded by nature, discover or rediscover Yukido in Manu and Serge’s dojo during a whole weekend.

15 to 16 June 2019

This workshop is for anyone interested in the sense of touch, hand healing and rebalancing/regeneration processes. It is an opportunity to discover through practice and reflection the four basics of Yukido:

1- Regenerative movement

The practice of regenerative movement constitutes a real “gymnastics of the involuntary.” We will see how to recognize and permit the involuntary and semi-involuntary body movements that take care of our health.

2- Muscle and sensation awakening

This practice is a sort of “spontaneous gymnastics.” We will experiment how to let our muscular and postural needs express themselves and, from the inside, guide our movements for a postural and organic rebalancing.

3- Hand accompaniment

Tactile perception is a source of learning to rebalance the “soil." We will practice differentiating and locating external and internal sensations,in response to organic need.

4- Ethics of care in the framework of Yukido

Developing a critical look at one's own practice is required for evaluating its relevance and efficiency. It starts with the urge of questioning one's position in the accompanying and care relationship. We will outline the therapeutic frontiers of Yukido and consider how to work out a connection between this “domestic” approach to care and medical science or therapies at the large.

Process of the workshop

The ‘involuntary’, the ‘spontaneous’ and sensations do not lend themselves to imitation. They must be discovered in oneself and in contact with others. Transmission is not an incentive to reproduce technical gestures. Rather it builds up a method to perform the appropriate gesture at the right time with the intensity responding to the very need expressed by inner sensations.

The knowledge acquisition process embodies self-learning and cooperative research:

• Self-learning, that is, no one imitates anyone, but everyone learns from everyone.

• Research, because we share questions and exercise a critical observation of phenomena.

• Cooperative because we do more than just participate. Together we develop a reflective and constructive vision of Yukido.

The aim of the workshop

The aim is to experiment from inside the main axes of Yukido. Open to all, this course is also designed to prepare persons who envisage a regular training in Yukido (“La Manufacture”) towards a professional qualification. The next series will begin at Les Mayons in September 2019.

Attending several introductory workshops makes sense because each of them will focus on different topics depending on participants’ expectations.

Pratical information

The workshop runs from Sarurday 9am to Sunday 6pm. Each participant is hosted on the site to facilitate a cohesion of the group. Meals are taken together.

The number of participants is limited to 14, on the basis of booking.

Participating in the workshop implies a financial contribution including:

• Food and accommodation: 70 € (meals and tea breaks with organic food, night in room or dormitory)

• Tuition: 90 €

Bring warm and soft clothing, a plaid or blanket, and something to write for those who wish to take notes.


Booking will only be confirmed after receiving a 50 € advance by Paypal or credit card (bottom of this page) or cheque addressed to:

Andréine Bel
5, rue de la Tour
83340 Les Mayons (France)

In case of cancellation less than two weeks before the beginning of the workshop - except in case of force majeure - this advance will not be refunded.

Please indicate your phone number and email address at the time of registration.

Information about the content of this workshop

Andréine Bel


Contact regarding accomodation

“Au Cœur des Pételins” by Manu and Serge Cauty

2006 Chemin départemental 84,  dit Pont de Fer
83340 Le Thoronet (France)

Tel: (+33) (0)4 94 68 08 15

Do not hesitate to make contact for various modalities to consider: special diets, independent room, how to get to the place. As well as any question conducive to a pleasant stay.

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Yukido workshop | June

Le Thoronet (83340) - France

15 to 16 June 2019


160 € for the week-end including tuition, food and accommodation

Booking of 50 euros is to be paid at the time of registering. In case of cancellation up to two weeks before the beginning of the workshop, 20 euros will be due as processing fee. Thereafter, the full fee is due, unless a substitute person is provided.

I pay on line by credit card or Paypal:

Pay credit card or Paypal

Or I send a cheque addressed to:

Andréine BEL
5, rue de la Tour
83340 Les Mayons (France)